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Required information for business cards and badges


*The larger logos on the polos will not be on the printed shirts. They show what is on the chest printing for clarity.

All shirts are an additional $4 for a colored garment.  2XL and 3XL sizes are an additional $3.

The price will be reflected when you select sizes and quantities.

It  is  All  About  Branding

Walk cards for the neighborhood?  Yard Signs for

your community? Magnets for your vehicle?
Rally signs for a fair? Plastic calendar cards? 
Back to school rulers? Banner for a parade? 
Fans for the seniors? Vehicle Wraps? Lapel Stickers?

Golf balls for outings? Buttons? Lapel Pins?
Your logo can be placed on anything.

More items shipped to the same location at the same time are less expensive.  (e.g., Order any 5 items and shipping is $5 total. Order any 20 items and shipping is FREE.).


For special designs or creative ideas,

we have people that create them.
Special orders or questions, 
please submit them to:, or 
call 773-887-3699 Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm

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